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15 reasons to date a female Gun

With Valentine's Day on the horizon, Elizabeth Cook lists why a woman who shoots is a good dating option

female Guns
  1. Female Guns are confident. They are used to handling live weapons, they are self-assured and unafraid to ask for what they want.
  2. A female Gun appreciates important and interesting conversation about cartridges, the difference between brands and loads and pellet size. She will even join in with and appreciate your testing efforts.
  3. A female Gun will never complain about you cleaning a gun. And if you make a serious mess, you can always make it okay by cleaning her gun too. Watching somebody make a good job of cleaning a filthy gun is a very attractive sight.
  4. A female Gun appreciates the outdoors. She won’t turn up to a walking date in high heels. She will have suitable gear for every weather.
  5. You will never be stuck for gifts. As well as all the amazing shooting related things you wouldn’t mind for yourself (and that you might be able to borrow), just about anything made with a cartridge or of tweed or with a picture of a deer or pheasant will be ecstatically received.
  6. A female Gun thinks guns are a good investment and probably has something in her cabinet you wouldn’t mind borrowing.
  7. A female Gun appreciates the amount of work it takes to bring home birds. Not only will she be suitably impressed at your shooting prowess, she will hang game birds on the fence and the next time you see them, they will be dinner. If you’re lucky you’ll be invited. 
  8. You’ll never be short of things to do together. A relationship can progress from small competitions to sim days to entire game seasons. You can have dogs to work every weekend in the syndicate and when children come along you throw them in a sling, clap on their ear defenders and take them beating.
  9. A female Gun doesn’t get jealous of your dog, not the cuddles or the time spent working the dog. You might get jealous of a female Gun’s  relationship with her dog though.
  10. A female Gun will load for you if you ask nicely and be thrilled if you let her shoot a drive. She will also tell everyone how you shot amazingly well, even if you know you were a little bit off your game.
  11. If a female Gun can’t make a day shooting you’ll be first in line to be offered her peg.
  12. A female Gun can pick you up some cartridges when she’s in town and pick up or drop off your gun when activities run close together.
  13. A female Gun will have a huge network of other female shooters who are also dating shooters, run shoots and give out invitations to shooting events.
  14. A female Gun won’t mind if you want to do something without her, because she’ll be going shooting.
  15. A female Gun knows that size isn’t important, it’s where you put the lead that matters.

Thanks to Elizabeth Cook for these tips. Elizabeth took up shooting in 2012 as part of an Olympic themed charity event. She has dabbled in competition clay shooting and has settled into syndicate membership and supporting women’s shooting events. When she’s not shooting Elizabeth is a Traumatic Incident Reduction facilitator, curing PTSD, anxiety and depression, with a special interest in shooting related problems such as trigger freeze and confidence loss. You can follow Elizabeth on Twitter @Fat_Woman and on Instagram @eatsshootsloves