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What’s a good night-vision sight for under £1750?

A reader needs some advice on buying a night-vision sight. Bruce Potts offers some tips...

Pulsar Phantom NV sight 4x60mm

Q: I wish to buy a night-vision sight for my .22 Anschutz rimfire that I can also use on my .22-250 Sako for foxes up to 150 yards. Can you recommend one 
for under £1,750?

A: As the daylight hours dwindle, 
night vision and thermal imagers will tend to replace standard optical scopes for vermin-type shooting duties.
You have to be really careful when buying any night-vision or thermal kit these days, especially from the internet, as specifications and quality can vary enormously and what seems like 
a good bargain may not be. Buy from 
a reputable dealer — I use Thomas Jacks because it imports direct from the manufacturers and offers a three-year guarantee on kit that it supplies.

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All you need

In your price range, I would look at the Pulsar Phantom NV sight 4x60mm, which retails for £1,729.95. There are two versions, both with Generation 2 Plus intensifiers — one with a green viewing screen and the other, which I recommend, with a white phosphor screen. The Gen 2 Plus system is great out to 200 yards, with recognition beyond that with an infrared illuminator, and the white phosphor helps define images that are hidden in the field undulations or hedgerows. It mounts via a Weaver-type mount, so you can change between rifles if the bases are the same. It is very easy to use with standard elevation and windage turrets for zeroing in, reticle illuminator and infrared on/off. It is all you would need and works very well.