Do you really need a different type of gun for different types of shooting?

The main difference between a game gun and a sporting gun is the weight.

Game guns are lighter

  • Sporters are set up for clay shooting, and they often have multi-chokes and a more visible rib on the barrels.
  • Game guns are lighter and have smaller ribs for less weight and better, faster handling.

A pigeon gun is like a trap gun, and is set up for shooting targets flying away from you. A live pigeon gun is a very special set-up and not something I would advise unless that is your sport.

Will changing guns improve your hit rate?

Some people – who have the cash – change their gun every time they hear about a new one.

They tend to do this in the hope that it will transform their shooting and make them a better shot. Sadly it’s not that simple.

Buying a new gun will not make you a better shot. Heard that saying, “a bad workman blames his tools”? It’s generally relevant in this case.

However, a new gun can be good for your shooting. Sometimes you can use a new gun and find that you shoot really well with it.

Which will probably leave you believing that you have upgraded to a better gun and that all your old problems are now solved.

The real reasons you are shooting better

If this happens, don’t just assume it’s the gun. Stop and think carefully because there could be many reasons – new gun aside – that you have improved.

1. The new gun may fit you better than your old gun.
2. You focus more with a new gun.
3. It may have more weight than your gun and handle better.
4. The barrels may be longer and suit you more.
5. You might not be over-thinking because it’s not your gun.

The important thing is to get the right gun for you and the type of shooting you do most. You may need to shoot many different guns to find the one that suits you perfectly.

Getting your gut fitted to you personally is crucial – that will really make a difference and make it ‘your gun’ indeed.

gun fit

All about accurate gun fit

Why do you think that, historically, accurate gun fit has not been at the forefront of the minds of British shots…

If you find a gun you shoot well with, and it fits properly, stick with it and enjoy getting better. But the gun alone does not make you a better shot.