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Where is the best place to shoot redleg partridges in the UK?

There are many fine counties within which to shoot redleg partridges in the UK.

Redleg partridges

Edward Watson: My favourite part of the UK in which to shoot redleg partridges is the area off the A303 down beyond Stonehenge in Wiltshire. Four out of my top 10 shoots are in this area: Ashcombe, Brixton Deverill, Stockton and Rushmore.

The reason I love these places so much is because I enjoy shooting redleg partridges in open, treeless valleys, and I like the valleys to be deep and wide. This particular area of south west England has exactly this landscape. As the redleg partridges cross from one side of the valley top to the other, they create exciting and extremely challenging shooting. I also like to see the return drives and hear the birds calling; this is perfect redleg partridge shooting. Now, the purists may take issue with this, as the classic vision of partridge shooting involves relatively flat land, high hedges and early season stubbles. But times change and it would be boring if we all liked the same thing, wouldn’t it?

I understand numerous shoots all around the UK now put down many redleg partridges to extend their shooting seasons. For instance, a lot of pheasant shoots and grouse moors in the north of England and Scotland have successfully introduced moorland fringe partridge shooting to their repertoire. The redleg partridges are hardy little birds and can survive in this harsh environment and it certainly makes for tremendous shooting. But for me it’s not quite the same as Wiltshire’s secret combes. I am not alone in thinking this, as many of the great shots also put these modern day south west England partridge manors at the top of their list too.