Would you recommend shooting ABT as a way of sharpening up your reflexes for English Sporting?

Answer: All forms of clay shooting demand a certain rhythm and timing which leads some shooters to say you can’t become a master of one if you shoot too many of the others.

This probably holds true if you’re trying to hone your skills in the international trap and skeet disciplines but in my opinion it doesn’t do the Sporting shooter any harm at all having a bang up on a trap range – regardless of whether it’s Automatic Ball Trap, Down-the-Line or Olympic / Universal Trench.

Getting experience of how to deal with going-away targets and quartering birds will help no end when it comes to tackling similar targets on a Sporting course.

What I will say, however, is that if you do decide to rub shoulders with some trap shooters then make sure you show respect to other members in your squad.

You might be there for just a bit of fun but the other guys will probably be trying to notch up the biggest score they can, and this demands complete concentration.

The last thing they want is a Sporting sort interrupting the rhythm of the squad by either taking too long over the shot or deciding to shoot some targets from the gun down position, rather than gun up.