Q: I have just renewed my shotgun certificate. Several days after receiving my new certificate I received a letter from my doctors saying they had been trying to contact me and would I be able to contact them? When I telephoned them, I was told that for them to reply to the police’s request to confirm my medical records I would now have to pay them a charge of £30.

As I had already been issued with my new certificate I contacted my licensing department for advice and was told that even if no reply was received from my doctors they would not revoke my certificate, so there was no need to pay for something that was not required.

How long will it be before doctors insist, what is now a discretionary charge is made compulsory and raised via an addition to the cost of a certificate?


David says: The official Government advice is that there is no expectation of a fee being charged for an initial trawl through your medical records. However, I could find no mention of this on the BMA website although the BMA is well aware of the Home Office position, which is supported by the shooting organisations.

In my view the medical profession has failed to get its act together and the consequence is muddle and confusion. Don’t pay.