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Should I allow my gundog be used at stud?

MARK WHITEHOUSE SAYS: I would suggest that you make sure that you check the bitch’s pedigree, that she is compatible and not too close to the sire’s pedigree.

Stud fees vary depending on the background of the sire’s pedigree.

For example, if the sire is bred out of a field trial champion then this will help increase the price of the puppies and will help them to sell quicker. Therefore the stud fee can be a little bit more.

Always agree a stud fee before a mating takes place – a good starting point for the mating fee is the price of a puppy.

Ensure that the bitch’s owner has a good vet that will dock tails, as this is a very delicate subject at most veterinary practices now.

I have never noticed any change in temperament in any of my stud dogs, but at times when in the company of bitch’s they can become a bit ‘sniff happy’, and this can get them into trouble. 

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