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Should I buy a trap gun to start clay shooting?

down the line clay shooting

"See it, shoot it" is the mantra which works almost every time

Should I buy one like his? It’s a Beretta trap gun, which I like, and once managed to hit 14 ex 25 with at Down-the-Line.

John Bidwell
It certainly helps to use a gun you feel happy with but before doing anything get your friend to take you to a club where you can try your hand at English Sporting and Skeet.

The targets and the guns to shoot them with are a bit different to what you are used to and you might decide to shoot them in preference to the trap clays you have been popping off at so far.

It’s usually the case that people are introduced to clay shooting via Sporting and then branch into the more specialist trap disciplines later.

If I were you I would have a go at the others before deciding which gun to buy, I’m sure your pal will be more than happy to help and also point you in the direction of a decent shooting coach to get you started properly.