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How to measure your length of pull

Does length of pull matter on a rifle as much as a shotgun?

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Stock length of your rifle must be right for your physique

Q: How important is length 
of pull of a stock on a rifle? 
It makes a difference on my shotguns in handling, so will 
it do the same with my rifle?

A: That’s a good question. We 
all know that with a shotgun handling, fit and balance make 
an enormous difference to the characteristics of a shotgun’s performance. It is also true of a rifle, but because a lot of rifles are either shot from some form of artificial rest — bipod, sticks or sandbag — we can overcome any shortfall in length 
of pull. Having a good stock length that matches your physique is important because it influences the way you hold it, squeeze the trigger and follow through with a shot.

Cramped and crouched

If the length is too short you are often cramped and crouched over the gun. Recoil also seems more severe and your trigger finger will tend to hook around the trigger-blade instead of only the tip. If the length is too long, scope mounting can be an issue to establish the correct eye relief. You may also strain to reach the trigger.

Measuring technique

If you measure from the inner point of the elbow to the tip of your trigger finger, minus an inch for finger flex, that is roughly the maximum length 
of pull for you. You can always alter the stock accordingly.