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Fancy taking your terrier out in the field? Or rabbiting? Read this first …

They're known to have minds of their own. So can you put a terrier to work in the field?

Border terriers

Q: I am thinking of getting a terrier – a Border – as a pet and wonder if I can take him beating during the season? Is it possible to train one to the stop and recall whistle? Every terrier I’ve seen used as a gun dog in the beating line has simply run riot and ignored its owner.

A:  Terriers seem to be getting popular in the beating line these days and Borders, especially, are in demand.  Training a terrier is not much different to any other breed, and obedience is a MUST.

As a puppy you need to get it coming back to its name before introducing the recall signal on a whistle. Most Border owners have their own whistle commands which can be different from the standard type used for spaniels and other breeds. With patience and the right training it is also possible to get a terrier steady to game, fur and feather.