I thought they already had this information so do I need to repeat it?


David Frost
Normally I would advise ignoring requests of this sort but in this case South Yorkshire have a good reason and I suggest you fill the form in, especially as they’ve sent an SAE.

If you don’t you’re likely to get a visit from an FEO.

Ideally you should check the numbers on the guns rather than copying them from the certificate.

Apparently a member of staff (no longer employed) had been making substantial errors in recording information in the firearms database and the licensing department can no longer be sure it is accurate.

In consequence the police are carrying out an audit to ensure the data held is up to date.

It would have helped had they explained this in the first place.

You are not the only reader to raise the issue and both BASC and NGO members have also expressed concern.

The moral is that the police would do better by being more open and transparent in what they are doing.