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Footwork and how it affects your success when shooting

Understanding footwork and how it benefits the shooter is vital.

shooting stance

Correct footwork should make shooting feel comfortable

Most Guns don’t understand how footwork helps them, and when asked will probably answer along the lines of killing the bird wherever your front foot is, or something to that effect.

Here’s why  good shooting footwork is essential

shooting stance

Bending your front leg will result in you mismounting your gun

Your shooting stance gives you the platform from which to mount your gun. If your 
initial stance is incorrect mounting the gun consistently will be impossible. For example, if you bend your front leg then you will continually mismount the gun, 
normally far too low.


shooting stance

Standing properly will help you to find the line of the bird

Your footwork allows you to make a good connection with the bird you are trying to shoot. This allows you to find the line of the bird correctly. Think of it like a batsman in cricket. If his footwork is correct for the pitch of the ball then the shot is easy; if his feet are wrong 
he will just swipe at the ball.


Your whole body should make the shot

Many people who shoot believe it is your arms that move the gun; but it is your body that makes the shot. Moving your feet correctly will allow the correct and comfortable movement of your hips, shoulders and body, allowing you to shoot correctly, stay on the line of the bird and finish your shot. It also will help you to develop the correct gun speed.


shooting stance

Wherever you are shooting, the chances are that the terrain won’t be a flat field of grass

The ability to be versatile with your feet and body will allow 
you to cope with many 
different situations in the 
field. Not everywhere is a flat field of grass. You could be shooting on banks, ploughed fields, pontoons on water, raised platforms, thick reed, even a pebbled beach, so you have to be confident that your footwork is correct but adaptable to allow you to shoot to the best 
of your ability.

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Shooting is an elegant sport and you should look and feel elegant when using your gun.