Yes I have, and it’s not just hares that can prove troublesome – a lively pricked cock pheasant can also put a young dog off retrieving if it manages to kick it with a spur.

I even had a dog refuse to pick a rabbit after one it was carrying started to squeal.

In my view, however, it’s a rabbit you should turn to where your dog’s concerned.

You need to re-build her confidence in fur and you can do this by covering some dummies with rabbit skin.

Throw a dummy into cover and fire a shot in the direction of the retrieve before sending the dog.

Don’t rush this lesson and in time you will be able to swap the dummy for a fresh rabbit.

If that goes well then the next step is to cover one of the dummies with a hare skin and see what happens. If she’s confident with rabbit fur and rabbits I can’t see her turning her nose up at a hare.