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What can you tell me about a Czechoslovakian air rifle?

scopes for air rifle

It still cocks and fires, but very feebly. It is marked ?SLAVIA made in Czechoslovakia?.

It is in .177 calibre. Can you tell me anything about it, has it any value, and can worn parts be replaced?

John Knibbs
Your air rifle is the SLAVIA Model 618. It was produced in Czechoslovakia during the mid-1970s and was intended for the junior and youth market.

It was made only in .177 calibre, in both rifled and smooth-bore.

Several wholesalers distributed these small junior air rifles, but the main distributor was W. Darlow of Ashburnham Road, Bedford, who also stocked all the spare parts and operated a full servicing and maintenance business for them.

The rifles were very well made and, being robust, gave few problems to their owners.

As such they were a serious contender to the other junior air rifle of the period, the Webley Junior.

It would seem that your rifle would benefit from a main spring, piston washer and breech seal replacement in order to restore it to full working condition.

In full working order and in clean condition, this air rifle would fetch between £40 and £60.