GEORGE WALLACE says: There are all sorts of regulations floating around – the daftest of them, inevitably, from the EC – about disposal of head, feet and gralloch.

One suggestion was that it must all be buried at least one metre down; a requirement obviously dreamed up by some office-wallah who had never tried to dig a hole in any part of Wales!

However, most of the regulations apply to circumstances where there is quite a large quantity, rather than the waste from a single carcass being dealt with by a recreational stalker.

The gralloch is organic, bio-degradable and a very valuable food source for buzzard, fox, crow, badger, hedgehog and a host of other creatures great and small, so it seems a terrible waste to burn it or bury it where they can’t get at it.

On the other hand, we don’t want Mrs Cholmondely’s blue-rinsed poodle coming home with 20 feet of intestine in tow, so please dispose of it sensibly.

If you can’t leave the gralloch where Mother Nature can benefit from its goodness, then it’s best to ask the landowner to dig a pit where it can be disposed of safely and out of the way.