So if you're a shooter, what's the law on shooting near a highway? A footpath? Shooting close to residential areas?

Q: Can you please explain 
the law relating to shooting near a public road? I was recently severely ticked-off by a passer-by 
for shooting a pigeon about 20 yards from a small public lane. 
No one was injured nor alarmed 
but I was told that it was illegal 
to shoot within 50ft of a public highway. Is this correct?

A: No, it is not correct. However, 
in England and Wales an offence takes place if someone is injured, put 
in danger or interrupted as the result 
of shooting. “Interrupted” is a vague term subject to several interpretations. Note that a highway is not a footpath, bridleway or cycle route, but a road over which the public has a right of way in 
a vehicle. However, the sensible course of action is not to shoot within 50ft of 
a highway, nor is it sensible to shoot close to bridleways, public footpaths or cycle ways. In Scotland, however, you can shoot from a public highway, but you would be charged under common law if you inconvenienced or disturbed anyone using the highway. Common sense should always be applied.

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