So if you're a shooter, what's the law on shooting near a highway? A footpath? Shooting close to residential areas?

Q: I am quite new to shooting and have been told that firing a gun with 50ft of a road or highway is banned. Is this correct?

A: No it is not, There is, however a caveat. In both England and Wales it is an offence if, when shooting within 50ft of the centre of a highway, someone is injured or endangered.

A highway is defined as any road on which the public has a right to drive a vehicle, but does not include bridleways, footpaths or cycle tracks. Nevertheless it is sensible and a matter of courtesy not to shoot close to any of these routes when they are being used by the public. It is also, of course, an offence to shoot on a public highway or from the verges.

In Scotland one may shoot from a highway, but an offence is committed under common law if anyone is disturbed or inconvenienced. It is far better to be sensible and shoot well away from a highway.


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