GEORGE WALLACE says: If you start looking for commonsense in legislation, you’ll end up as daft as I am!

The bottom line is that there is no point in it. The trouble with so much legislation is that it’s introduced to address some problem, either real or imagined, and the relevant government department then consults knowledgeable people for advice as to what is needed.

The trouble with these ‘knowledgeable people’ is they are often self-appointed ‘experts’ who just happen to be the noisiest in their chosen field. Some are so full of their own importance they feel they have a God-given right to impose their views on everybody else.

The Deer Acts in England and Wales and the similar legislation in Scotland are classic examples. It’s not really the fault of government. It’s the fault of those self-important individuals who set themselves up as representatives of deer stalkers/managers.

It’s they who have caused all the nonsense.

I have been working on this problem for about 15 years and part of it is to be addressed in an article in Sporting Gun. Stay tuned!

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