Trouble is the other guns which I use for Sporting and game have different height combs and slightly different length stocks. Which measurements should I have the new gun made to?

Clay shooting
It was only after reading through your lengthy email that I discovered the ‘sporter’ you use is actually a trap gun that’s had its recoil pad replaced with a different butt plate.

You also say that you find it difficult to change from one to the other – hence the decision to swap to just one gun. I’m not surprised you’ve been struggling!

Switching between guns and hoping to shoot well is a hard enough task in itself but when you’re talking about two very different guns like this, it becomes an almost impossible job.

With the exception of a dedicated gun for tackling the trap disciplines it’s best to choose a comb height that ensures the gun shoots to where you are looking, in other words, the point of aim.

This can loosely be described as a ‘flat shooting gun’ which puts the target in the centre of the shot pattern or, ideally, just below the halfway mark.

Quite frankly, if you are going to the expense of having a stock custom-made you might as well book an appointment with a professional gun fitter and get measured up properly, once and for all.

Believe me, it will be the best £120 you’ve ever spent.

Here, Mauro Perazzi helps a visitor to his factory settle on the right dimensions for a custom-made stock.