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What should I put in my ferrets’ exercise yard?

To help, I?ve promised to build a hutch for the ferrets, but I can?t find any advice on what I need to put in their exercise yard.

What length of piping and diameter do I need and what sort of other features/obstacles do ferrets enjoy?

Edward Cook
Ferrets by nature love to explore interesting places and they simply can?t resist investigating tunnels and the like.

Pipes, logs and things to climb will keep them happily occupied for hours at a time.

Not only will a ?playground? of this sort help keep ferrets active and fit when they are not being worked but such obstacles are also great at simulating a rabbit?s habitat? perfect practice, in fact, for young ferrets just learning the ropes.

When planning a ?play? area it?s worth noting that rabbits often live in complex tunnel systems as well as various other places so use your imagination during building.

Creativity is great and you will have better ferrets for it but remember ferrets can get injured, particularly when young.

I use six-inch diameter pipe in various lengths depending on the space available.