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What’s the best clay shooting discipline to start on?

What would you suggest?

John Bidwell
I am not entirely sure I would go along with the view that DTL is the easiest – and that applies whether you are a novice or even a competent shot already!

Yes, straight going-away birds are among the simplest of all to hit but there are rarely many of these in a typical round of 25 clays ? the majority will be angling away to the right or left of the shooting position to some degree or other.

The random nature of these clays forces you to concentrate extra hard on the bird to the point where it can actually cause you to drop points or miss the clay completely.

The aim of the game with DTL is to rattle up big scores, consistently, and this is a very difficult ask even for the experts.

By all means try your hand at DTL because it will teach you lots about the importance of precise gun mount and the need to concentrate on the next target.

However, in the early days it really does pay to try as many different forms of clay shooting as you can because each has its own particular set of demands.

They?re all enjoyable in their own right and by ?mixing & matching? you can’t help but become a more accomplished all-round Shot in the process.