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What’s the best colour for a pigeon shooting hide?

Pigeon shooting
Pigeons do not scour the landscape beneath them looking for objects that might not fit into the countryside as they flight out to feed.

That?s why a discarded bottle, the shine from a gun barrel sticking out of a hedge, or the colour of your hide, makes not the slightest difference.

What pigeons DO look for is the shape of the human form in any position, sitting or standing, anywhere near its feeding ground.

You could make a hide from any material, and pigeons will take no notice provided they cannot see YOU inside.

Decoyers forget that it isn?t the hide that scares birds, but the sight of you sitting inside it.

Having said this it makes sense not to draw attention to your hide, and increasing the chances of pigeons spotting you.

Experienced decoyers will all tell you that the art of making big bags revolves around sitting perfectly still in the hide until a bird is fully committed to your pattern.

Picking the right colour net to suit the background, makes us feel we are doing everything to remain hidden, but I rather think the average woody couldn?t care less.