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What’s the best hold position when shooting DTL?

Clay shooting
Lots of DTL shooters tend to mount the gun left or right of the centre of the trap house roof depending on which stand they?re shooting from.

Others, though, prefer a ?neutral? hold over the middle of the trap with a mounted gun regardless of which peg they?re shooting from.

The first method helps keep gun movement to a minimum when a target is thrown.

The neutral hold, however, reduces the chances of a shooter compensating for, or guessing, the angle of the next target.

It?s also an approach that creates consistency in terms of timing and speed of movement – you call for a bird, watch it leave the trap and then swing into it.

Both techniques ratchet up big scores and you should try both to see which suits you best ? then stick to it!

Swapping between them will wreck your consistency.