GEORGE WALLACE says: Always remember: safety first! Make sure there is a safe backstop in the form of soft ground to catch the bullet and if there are members of the public present, appoint someone to keep them well back.

Remember, you have other things to concentrate on but always bear in mind many people will be distressed at the thought – let alone the sight – of an animal being killed.

The farther away you can keep any bystanders, the better it will be.

The shot should be to the brain.

If the deer’s head is side-on, then the shot is through the base of the ear ? through, NOT below ? and lined up with the same spot on the other side. If you have to shoot from above and behind, then go through the base of the skull into the brain.

You can find the correct spot by feeling the back of your own head and finding the ridge where the cervical column enters the skull; that’s the place to go, always ensuring you are lined up correctly and the bullet will go into the backstop. From in front, it is just the previous shot in reverse and you need to be able to visualise the head in three dimensions to get it right.

Finally, on no account allow the rifle’s muzzle to actually touch the deer; always leave a bit of air space between.

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