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Whe game shooting I always miss birds overhead from behind!

What technique can you suggest to help with this?

Rob Eaton
This target game shooters will know very well – of course you may not be able to get your feet quite right in time – but the rest of the technique is the same.

Your head/eyes should be looking up even higher, but not quite straight up, as this is often too much.

When the bird appears, start the mount and push the muzzles up, under the bird, but don’t let it overtake or even ‘touch’ the muzzles/rib.

Around a 2-3mm gap is perfect as it travels away, and pull the trigger while keeping the gun moving (follow through.)

Again, don’t take your focus off the bird, and the 60% rise in shot pattern will kill the target.

Doing it this way you will never loose sight of the target behind the barrels.

It’s also great on station 1, high house skeet!