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When clay pigeon shooting why can’t I use 32g sixes?

To hit more I was going to use some 32-gram sixes but I’ve been told they’re ‘not legal.’ Is this a general thing or is it specific to this ground? If I can’t use these, what cartridges should I be using?

Clay pigeon shooting
The only ruling against 32 gram (1 1/8oz) cartridges is that they cannot be used in CPSA registered shoots or FITASc Sporting competitions.

For these the maximum shot load is 28 gram (1oz). There’s nothing to stop you firing heavier loads for practice at non-affiliated grounds unless the club has a specific rule preventing their use.

But why would you want to fire bigger loads when a little extra choke and a decent 1oz cartridge loaded with No. 7s is more than capable of smashing clays out to 45 yards, or more?

The advantage with 1oz loads is that they generally produce less recoil than their heavier cousins which in turn means they are more comfortable and less tiring to use. They’re also cheaper!

Shooting long-range targets consistently is quite a test of skill and the only way to improve is to shoot them as often as you can.

If you are happy and confident with your shooting technique then regular practice will soon get things sorted but if things don’t improve then a session with a good coach will prove money well spent.