Clay pigeon shooting expert
I answered a similar question to this not too long ago but, as you missed it, it’s worth repeating the advice I gave then which was this: it’s always easier to mount a gun by bringing it up to the mark, rather than down on it.

Try it.

Raising the gun allows you to bring the mounted muzzles to bear bang on the mark – something you can’t do with a downward moving gun.

It’s next to impossible to achieve.

No, the best way to shoot this target is to hit it just before it starts to drop noticeably.

Once you’ve got that picture fixed in your mind you then need to look a little farther back and place an imaginary post in the ground, telling yourself not to start moving and bringing the gun to the shoulder until the clay has reached that point.

Hold the gun under the bird’s line of flight so that you can keep the target in view all the time.

Move with the bird and fire just after the gun has been mounted properly.

Needless to say the bird will have to be in front of – and under – the target if it’s dropping either right or left of the shooting position, but the basic approach remains the same.