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Where can I learn more about deer stalking and deer calling?

Deer stalking
Most books on Roe stalking have at least a small section on calling deer, though you will find that the authors vary in their opinion as to its utility.

Richard Prior?s Modern Roe Stalking was always my bible on that subject.

There are also DVDs available if you type ?Roe calling? into your internet search engine.

I have heard mention recently that people are having some success calling Muntjac.

Graham Downing wrote an interesting article on the subject in The Field in February 2008 which you can see on the magazine?s website.

A chap called Gerald Collini is mentioned in Graham?s article and he can be found on

The squeak is close to the distress call of a Muntjac fawn so do be careful that any deer responding is not a lactating Doe which will leave an orphaned fawn.

Muntjac breed all year round, so this can happen at any time.

If the doe is heavily pregnant then all is well; otherwise just sit still and you may find a buck close behind.

I have no personal experience of calling deer except in the rut when it is not difficult to attract the attention of Fallow bucks or Red stags provided you get the wind and the uncouth noises correct.

The danger with imitating baby distress calls is, as always, that you may leave a dependant fawn/kid/calf if you just shoot whatever turns up.

Responsible stalkers will always avoid that.