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Which is the best gundog breed for wildfowling?

I have never owned a gundog, as I have not been shooting long and have always gone out with friends who have their own dogs.

However, I would like to own my own gundog, so could you tell me which is the best breed for fowling?

Is colour important, as I mainly shoot at dawn and dusk? Finally, what should I expect to pay for a puppy?

Paul Rawlings
Inland wildfowling can be just as rigorous for a gundog as shooting is on the foreshore.

Many of the tidal rivers have energy-sapping mud along their banks and a dog strong enough to cope with this is essential.

I would recommend a Labrador from good working or wildfowling stock.

Other members of your club may know of suitable litters locally, and that may well reflect in the price.

Expect to pay £500 upwards for a well-bred puppy that is Kennel Club-registered and whose parents have been health-tested through the KC/BVA schemes.

Colour is not as important as a dog?s ability.

However, a light yellow Lab can show up like a beacon on a moonlit night.

Even so, this need not be a problem if you are both well concealed or your dog wears a suitable camouflaged coat.

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