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Which lurcher?

A) The type of lurcher that may suit me, my ferreting style and terrain may not necessarily suit you. What I look for in my dogs is a sound temperament, conformation and good upbringing from birth. Brought home at the earliest possible time, the puppy should be nurtured around the cornerstone of any dog?s upbringing ? obedience. Any ferreting dog I own has to have collie in the lineage and be around 21 to 22in at the shoulder. It must be naturally athletic and have the ability to accelerate and turn at devastating speed.

At the moment my current sapling, Bella, is 14 months old and quite immature. Patience is needed when training her as I know she has what it takes and if that means waiting a few months longer, so be it. Many people are impatient and expect a miracle from dogs, swapping and replacing them every year when it doesn?t happen. You will only get out of any dog what you put into it, but it needs to be made of the right stuff in the first place.