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Which rifle is best? The CZ 455, an Anschutz or a Sako Quad?

If so, is the older 452 fault-free? Or is the 453 a better bet with its single set trigger?

The Anschutz 1517 sounds excellent, except for reports of ejection problems with the 64 action it uses.

As for the Quad, while I am unlikely to change barrels, is this a rifle without functional problems? Also, would a Zeiss Duralyt scope be over the top for use with one of these rifles?

Which rifle is best?
All of these rifles are excellent performers at different prices, and both the Sako Quad and the CZ 455 have a barrel-switch facility.

However, be careful when reading reports of problems with the rifles on Internet forums — many of these “experts” rely on second-hand information and may never have tested the rifle in question.

All three of these rifles shoot well, and any problems with feeding are usually associated with dodgy ammunition or defective or dirty magazines.

The Sako Quad is a true quick-change barrel rifle, available with walnut or synthetic stocks; the CZ 455 is a great value, accurate HMR rifle and probably the most reliable of all rimfire rifles; but for the best overall quality and accuracy, and certainly the best trigger unit, the Anschutz 1517 would be my choice.

With regard to the Zeiss Duralyt scope, it represents the best optical and build quality, and is certainly suited to a high-quality HMR rimfire such as the Anschutz 1517.

Which rifle is best? The CZ 455, an Anschutz or a Sako Quad?