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Why can’t I have my dog’s hip dysplasia X-Rays?

The results were good and I asked my vet if I could have the X-rays but he refused. Seems a bit rich, given how much they cost! Could you ask Neil if I should complain?

Neil McIntosh
Well for a change, I am with your vet on this one! What you paid for was to have your pet anaesthetised, the X-ray taken and an opinion offered on it.

You did not, unless you specifically requested it prior to the X-ray being taken, actually pay for the X-ray film.

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons? Guide to Professional Conduct (which is available online to everyone) states: ?Case records including radiograph films and similar documents are the property of, and should be retained by, veterinary surgeons in the interests of animal welfare and for their own protection. Copies with a summary of the history should be passed on request to a colleague taking over the case.?

In essence, your vet retains the X-rays for future reference, to prevent fraud, to defend himself against subsequent accusations of misinterpretation and because most clients would just lose them anyway!