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Why do game shooters look down on pigeon shooting?

They say we cause too much disturbance to game but I?ve lost count of the times I?ve had pheasants, partridges and hares wandering close to the hide while I?ve been shooting and they haven?t batted an eyelid.

I would appreciate your comments on why game shooters take that view?

Peter Theobald
Unfortunately, pigeon shooters are often regarded by game shooters and even some farmers as a lower life form, even though we save farmers millions of pounds in lost production, and can probably outshoot most of the fellows who pay through the nose for their sport.

Gamekeepers have the worst of both worlds, trying to keep their landowning bosses happy by keeping pigeon damage to a minimum, but producing enough game to satisfy syndicate members.

As always, ignorance is the main culprit, with most farmers not having a clue as to how a large bag of pigeons is achieved, and, sad to say, many people who shoot game do so because they can afford to, and believe it gives them status.

They have no knowledge of the ways of the countryside, so it is their nature to dismiss aspects of it that they do not understand.