On top of this the amount of lead I give Skeet doubles also appears to be different. Why is this – do other people notice the same thing, or is it just me?

In the case of skeet doubles the required lead should be about the same for both birds provided they are shot over, or slightly after, the centre peg.

Obviously if you delay the second shot the angle and distance will have changed, and so too will the lead requirement.

A more likely explanation for the apparent difference you say you notice between targets is probably down to the speed of your swing – if it’s faster on one target than the other then the lead picture will indeed appear shorter.

As for a right handed shot like yourself finding right-to-left birds easier, that’s down to the fact the gun stock is coming into your face rather than pulling away from it as in the case of a target going the other way. If the gun’s comb should draw away from your face before, or as, you pull the trigger then you need to adjust your stance and/or hold position before calling for the next bird.

Another thing to take into account when dealing with these apparent differences is that your picture can be affected due to the fact you’re actually looking across the gun at a right-to-left bird when the shot is taken.