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Why do people change position at DTL?

JOHN BIDWELL says: I think it’s fair to say the majority of DTL shooters address the gun left or right of centre on the trap house roof depending on which stand they’re shooting from. However, a significant number don’t – regardless of stand they always hold over the middle of the trap with a mounted gun.

Followers of the first approach argue that it keeps gun movement to an absolute minimum when a target is thrown, thereby giving the shooter a useful advantage.

For instance if, from station one, the gun is held slightly above the left hand corner of the trap, a right-handed bird (as seen from station five) will offer itself as a straight going away target to the shooter on one. Similarly, a left-handed target on peg one will require very little gun movement for it to be broken.

I daresay some of our finest DTL shooters adopt this approach, but there are many who don’t. They argue consistency is everything in this form of trap shooting and the first step towards achieving it is to mount on – or just above – the middle of the trap house every time. It’s a neutral hold which prevents the shooter trying to compensate or ‘guess’ the angle of the next bird called for. In other words, you call for a target, watch it leave the trap and then move after it.

Both methods produce winning scores. If you’re thinking of having a crack at this absorbing discipline then I strongly recommend you try both approaches to see which you prefer.

Once you’ve made your mind up, stick to it because chopping from one to another will play absolute havoc with your scores!

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