Is this behaviour normal and do you know why she does it? Also, how do I prevent her from continuing to roll?

A: Unfortunately, this is a habit some dogs exhibit.

They delight in other dogs’ mess, rotting fish, or anything smelly!

There is no definitive explanation, though there are a few theories. The dog meets and greets, using scent to convey all sorts of messages.

Dogs which are strangers will investigate each other’s bottoms and there is probably a connection with this meet-and-greet ritual and rolling in faeces.

Another theory is the dog, as a hunting animal, uses this method to conceal its scent from prey.

The only way to improve your dog’s behaviour is to catch it in the act and associate the rolling with something unpleasant.

Raising your voice or using physical contact will probably be useless, but a well-aimed water pistol squirt may do the trick.

Catching the dog unawares will be a difficult task, but I am afraid vigilance and complete focus are essential to nip this habit in the bud as, of course, is your accuracy with a water pistol!