I want to buy a .243 but will this be big enough to shoot wild boar? Should I write wild boar on my application form or do they come under pest control?

There isn’t a single rifle that’s ideal for all the uses you list. Pundits will argue endlessly about what is the perfect rifle for a particular purpose and not all readers will agree with what I am about to say.

Wild boar shooting can be a tricky subject.

For small pests like crows and rabbits a .22LR or .17HMR will do as well as anything but they’re not ideal for anything larger.

Most people would reckon a .22 centre fire to be ideal for foxes although other calibres, including .243, are also suitable.

Wild boar can be both big and dangerous so you need a heavier round for them, a .270 or equivalent is generally reckoned to be the minimum.

It’s worth noting that on the continent where boar have become a serious agricultural problem much larger calibres such as 8mm or 9mm are often used. You should mention wild boar in your application.

If you want just one rifle you will have to restrict what you shoot. If on the other hand it is important to be able to shoot all the species you list you’ll probably have to get two rifles.

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