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Will having my gun fitted help my clay shooting?

A reader asked the question: I have been clay shooting for just over a year. My friends have advised that getting my gun fitted will improve my clay shooting. Is it time to get my gun fitted?

Gun fit for clay shooting

John Bidwell answered a reader’s question about gun fit and improving clay shooting technique. 

Shooting with a well-fitted gun is a real pleasure and one that certainly helps accuracy.

However, going to a gunfitter will be a waste of time and money if you are unable to consistently and properly mount a gun.

The choice is yours: if you feel that your gun mount and stance is spot on then don’t delay, book yourself a fitting session now but don’t be surprised to hear the gun you’re using is as good a fit as you are going to get.

The reason I say this is because most mass produced shotguns are fitted with stocks that are a decent enough fit for most people of reasonable height and stature.

On the other hand having confidence in your gun is everything in shooting so it won’t harm to have it checked by an expert.

Even small alterations to a gun stock – if they’re really needed – can bring about very noticeable improvements.