Will I always have to use this ‘patch on glasses’ technique?

Rob Eaton
Most women, around 80%, are left eye dominant ? but are shooting from the right shoulder.

If that’s the way you feel you?re most comfortable shooting then that’s fine.

But to shoot consistently, for anyone with a cross dominance issue, you will find you either need to close an eye or place a patch in a very precise spot on the lens of your safety glasses, in order to block out the target from the left eye.

It should be said that you can have the stock altered as well to counteract the cross dominance.

The patch on the glasses is ok for shooting Trap targets but not so good for Sporting/Skeet or Fitasc type targets – due to the acute angles of these targets.

Another problem with the ‘patch on the glasses’ method is that shooting glasses will always be slipping down your nose – placing the patch in completely the wrong place.

Also they are no good when wet from the rain!

Also the patch hinders your vision and it?s very annoying while loading the gun and looking for the pick-up point etc.

And of course you have to remember to take them every time!

What a shooter needs to know is that in order to judge speed, distance and angle of the target, you will need to see the target/bird with both eyes open at first.

The patch on the lens technique can hinder this severely. So by far the best technique is to see the bird with both eyes WIDE open.

Once you have seen it you can then close the left eye and shoot the target/bird with the WIDE-open right eye, using the necessary technique to kill the target consistently.

If the eye is open wide more light enters, so you see the target better along its entire flight path.

To help you do that, when you?re dry mounting at home or practicing at your local club, try calling for the bird and then saying in your head: TWO EYES? ONE EYE? BANG.

If you are one of those rare ladies that just cannot shut/wink their eye then the patch on the glasses is the only real option I’m afraid.

However, if you are brand new to shooting, learn to shoot from the left shoulder. It will only be a couple of weeks before it feels natural and you can keep both eyes open as well if left eye dominant.

It should be said though in some cases it is possible to change your eye dominance, but the rigorous routine and determination it takes to do it is far beyond most shooters – as you really do need to be totally obsessed with getting to the very top in order for it to work.