Do I need to acquire a temporary (Section 7) permit to be put with my will, or do the executors have to get it? Do they need to be told about this?

David Frost
In the event of your death your executor (presumably your fiancée) should apply to the police for a Section 7 permit which will enable her to possess the guns for a short period whilst arrangements are made to sell them.

The alternative would be for the executor to lodge the guns with an RFD who may also be prepared to sell them on commission.

It’s worth putting a note with the will explaining this and also, in a sealed envelope, how to get access to the cabinet.

You can’t apply for a permit in advance since it has both a start date and an end date and would normally only be valid for a few weeks or at best months.

Remember also that a will is automatically revoked on marriage unless it clearly says it is made in contemplation of a forthcoming marriage.

It is possible to draw up a will yourself but safer to get a lawyer to do it for you.