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Will the law on non-toxic shot ever be changed?

Tufted ducks

Tufted ducks

It makes the non-toxic debate look mad when you shoot at a pheasant with lead then have to change to non toxic when a duck flies over. It’s time for some commonsense.

The law in England and Wales already differs from that in Scotland. In England and Wales it is illegal to shoot coot, moorhen, ducks and geese anywhere with lead shot.

The law has already been changed once as snipe and golden plover used to be included in this list. It is also illegal to shoot anything with lead below the high water mark or in designated SSSIs.

In Scotland it is only illegal to use lead shot over wetlands as defined under the Ramsar convention. This applies both to wildfowl and to other species, including pests, and to clay pigeon shooting.

Away from wetlands you may use lead for any species. My own view is that the law in Scotland is much better than the law in England and Wales.

The law could be changed but I see no immediate prospect that it will be. You could try raising the matter with your MP and see if there is anything he can do about it.