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Would a 16-bore shotgun be suitable for shooting woodcock?

Bill Harriman
The maker, Arthur Howell, was first in business at 28 Weaman Street, Birmingham, in 1909.

The firm became Arthur Howell & Co in 1917.

It seems he stayed at Weaman Street until about1942, when he moved to No 21.

He was still recorded as a member of the Gun Trade Association in 1957.

Howell’s production appears to be small and the numbering system is inconsistent.

I think that number 7,558 dates from 1937.

A 16-bore is fine for shooting woodcock, providing you can shoot straight!

Ammunition can sometimes be a problem as the 16-bore is not popular in this country and this should be reflected in the gun’s price.

Most people who want a smaller gun choose a 20-bore for shooting.