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Would bouncers improve my pigeon shooting success?

At the moment I only use a couple but wondered if it would really liven things up if I put out a dozen or more in place of the static deeks? Would it work?

Peter Theobald
I am not a great fan of bouncers, and have not used them at all since the arrival of the various whirly machines.

To me, the art of decoying relies on finding the spot where pigeons intend to feed, whether I am there or not, and at a time of day that suits THEM.

All that then remains is to ensure incoming birds can see my pattern in enough time to pitch in safely – a task the rotary does admirably.

If a pigeon can see your layout, but does not commit to it, something is wrong.

Without going into the many things that could be wrong, increasing the number of floaters is unlikely to be the answer.

Anyway, you can buy a decent whirly for the price of ten commercially-made floaters.