Alasdair Mitchell

Alasdair Mitchell
A coastal brown bear (grizzly bear)

Fatal bear attacks are mercifully a rare occurrence, even in the US, but high-profile deaths in recent years underline the dangers for hunters. Sometimes, imagination is all you need. It…

copper bullets

Using copper bullets for stalking? But isn’t copper toxic?” 
asked a friend. He 
is a staunch defender of lead ammunition. In a discussion about centrefire rifle ammunition, I suggested he…

young gamekeeping apprentice

I would hazard a guess that many 
a captain of industry who also runs a shoot listens as carefully to his gamekeeper as he does to his finance director. Not…

Wildfowling on foreshore

I’m talking rubbish again. After my account in Shooting Times of wildfowlers organising a litter-picking day at Lindisfarne , a reader pointed me to an item in the Daily Telegraph. The…

stalking with a scope

I once went out on the hill with an old stalker who bemoaned the use of bipods. This struck me as odd, because I would have thought using bipods meant…

hunting with bow

Hunting with a bow requires impressive stealth – but the jury's still out on its acceptability, says Alasdair Mitchell