Alastair Balmain

The Scottish Rural Property and Business Association adds to the criticism against recent research into raven predation

Swapping England's wet November for Portugal's parched partridge country, Alastair Balmain finds a sporting destination to warm the soul

On the beautiful Herefordshire and Worcestershire border, Alastair Balmain reports on a shoot that is the heart of the local community

The RSPB tightens its grip

The RSPB’s proposal to control shooting by licensing is at odds with its so-called neutrality regarding fieldsports, says Alastair Balmain

Rural communities have been marginalised and neglected by this Government, according to a cross-party committee of MPs tasked with overseeing the Government’s handling of rural affairs.

The moors are merrier

It's silly season, and over the horizon flies the journalist's salvation — a grouse on the Twelfth. Alastair Balmain discusses the media frenzy

The threat of London’s parrots

An exotic sight in the capital, the ring-necked parakeet population has already escaped the boundary of the M25. Is this a future conservation concern, asks Alastair Balmain

Shooting journalists would probably attend the opening of an envelope, but in this case the party was worth it

With prices rising faster than a January pheasant, refuelling the shoot 4x4 now requires significant investment. Alastair Balmain looks at what you can do to cut the fuel bill

Is the sport of shooting booming?

Nowadays, we tend to talk in terms of threats and dangers where shooting is concerned, but is the sport actually enjoying a new golden age?