Bruce Potts

Joined by a hardy team of hunters, Bruce Potts goes in search of South Africa's elusive mountain reedbuck

The judicious use of a roe call can do much to enhance your roe stalking. Bruce Potts gets the attention of rutting deer with a few soft blows

July sees the start of the season in Scotland and it is time to start culling the weaker animals. Bruce Potts finds the treeless ranges of Sutherland offer the prospect…

Less showy than its forebears, the lightweight and pointable Weatherby SA-08 performs comfortably as a jack-of-all-trades, says Lewis Potter

Hooded crows are a threat to spring lambs and a difficult pest to control, but Bruce Potts thinks they offer some of the most challenging shooting there is

Fallow doe

Roe deer aficionado Bruce Potts joins three professional stalkers in Sussex to experience first hand the challenges of managing fallow

Weatherby Vanguard Sporter rifle: With its strong, reliable action and guaranteed accuracy, the Vanguard Sporter makes a great deer rifle for a good price.

Choosing the right bullet is crucial for vermin control - Bruce Potts put the redoubtable Palmisano Pindell Cartridge through its paces

Mauser M03

Bruce Potts finds out if the synthetic switchbarrel Mauser M03 deserves its good reputation

Faultless accuracy and striking looks put the Hubertus in a class of its own, says Bruce Potts

Pulsar Sentinel night vision scope: Enjoy invisibility after dark with the competitively priced Pulsar Sentinel Generation 2+ 3x50, an impressive performer on foxes and rabbits.