Bruce Potts

.17HMR calibre sound moderators: .17HMR sound moderators are increasingly popular due to the proliferation of this calibre. Here we take a look at several of the best on the market.

Weihrauch HW60J .17HMR rifle

Weihrauch HW60J .17HMR rifle: In the Weihrauch HW60J Bruce Potts finds a traditional, well-made .17HMR with excellent accuracy and the handling characteristics of a full-bore rifle

Weatherby Accumark .300 magnum rifle: The Weatherby Accumark .300 embodies all that a long-range or magnum rifle should be. It has a good, solid synthetic stock with nice styling and…

Falco 9mm rimfire rifle: The Falco 9mm rimfire rifle is small enough to fit into a large pocket - but is this garden gun fit for purpose?

The .338 BR is just the thing for the deer stalking enthusiast who wants a calibre that can produce one-shot kills without damaging the meat.

RPA International GP Hunter rifle review: The GP Hunter is a sporter version of RPA International’s well-respected match-grade and target-orientated rifle.

The majority of shooters are well served for their sporting needs by the many rimfires on offer from various manufacturers. Sometimes, however, good is not good enough, and one hankers…

Testing the .17 calibre Fireball round: Certain smaller calibre rounds have their roots in the swinging Sixties, but, says Bruce Potts, it took many decades and Remington’s blessing for them…

Thompson Centre G2 Contender rifle review: The Thompson Centre G2 Contender is ideally suited to fox control and stalking in woodland where it can be used without fear of denting…

Controlling pests in confined farmyard areas with a .22 rimfire can be hazardous. Bruce Potts believes reduced-load rimfire cartridges are a solution to the problem

Browning Heritage shotgun: The Browning Heritage Sporter shotgun is probably one of the most talked about new models I can remember for quite some time.

Bruce Potts makes the case for intermediate cartridges as, in many instances, a superior alternative to the traditional big rounds

Howa Lightning 1500 rifle review: The Howa Lightning 1500 rifle is a model designed to be a practical and affordable off the peg stalking rifle.

In recent years, sound moderators have become a must-have stalking accessory, but there is a bewildering array to choose from. Bruce Potts narrows down the options