Bruce Potts

Browning Elite shotgun: With the Browning Elite, the shotgun buyer is being offered a little something extra.

Sound moderator maintenance

When it comes to sound moderators, correct fitting and proper maintenance is vital, says Bruce Potts, as it is all too easy to ruin a good rifle by neglecting these…

Quick-detach scopes obviate the need for two guns, but are these handy gadgets really as accurate and easy to use as their manufacturers claim?

.22-250 calibre review

.22-250 calibre review: The .22-250 calibre is one of the best when it comes to dealing with foxes and roe in Scotland.

Weatherby Vanguard .257 Magnum rifle

Weatherby Vanguard .257 Magnum rifle review: An all-American stalking rifle with no ideas above its station or price range, ST reviews the unpretentious Weatherby Vanguard, and finds it more than