Bruce Potts

Finding a reliable scope with an integrated laser range finding device can be a confusing business.

Sako 85 Hunter rifle

Sako 85 Hunter rifle review: The Finnish rifle maker Sako has improved on the 75 Hunter model by combining elegance, quality and accuracy, and has produced the 85 Hunter.

Browning Elite shotgun: With the Browning Elite, the shotgun buyer is being offered a little something extra.

Sound moderator maintenance

When it comes to sound moderators, correct fitting and proper maintenance is vital, says Bruce Potts, as it is all too easy to ruin a good rifle by neglecting these…

Quick-detach scopes obviate the need for two guns, but are these handy gadgets really as accurate and easy to use as their manufacturers claim?

Weatherby Vanguard .257 Magnum rifle

Weatherby Vanguard .257 Magnum rifle review: An all-American stalking rifle with no ideas above its station or price range, ST reviews the unpretentious Weatherby Vanguard, and finds it more than