Bruce Potts

Webley Osprey air rifle review

Webley & Scott is a long-established, gun manufacturer, but one airgun stands out from the others produced by the company, and that is the Osprey. Following the theme of naming…

rifle bullets

A: It’s amazing what does and what does not influence the combustion and propulsion of a bullet on pulling the trigger. Sometimes, even the smallest tweak can make a big difference,…

Sauer 202 Hardwood

In 1993 Sauer introduced the Classic XT model that was aimed at “real stalkers”. A new, plain (by Sauer standards) synthetic stock was produced, and all the metalwork was coated…


Teach a young lad to shoot foxes in Buckinghamshire? No problem, thought Bruce Potts — except there were hares not foxes, and his pupil was a natural

Gun reviews: Puma .22LR synthetic sporter rifle: If you are looking for a bargain-priced rimfire, ideal for pest control, look no further. Bruce Potts tests a CZ 'clone' and likes…

CZ512 .22LR semi-auto rifle

The CZ512 .22LR semi-auto rifle is not as accurate as the CZ455 but it feels right as a no-nonsense hunting firearm

Scope Tikka

Bruce Potts tries a competitively priced rifle package and finds the Tikka T3 Lite combo rifle to be reliable and accurate.

Gun reviews: MAE Shorty fully suppressed rifle: Bruce Potts can hear a firing pin drop as he tests a .22 rimfire that is perfect for vermin control.