Charles Smith-Jones

Muntjac hiding

Small, secretive and constantly on the move, the muntjac is a challenging quarry for the deer stalker. Little bigger than a springer spaniel, it offers a difficult target among the…

history of the shotgun

A very long time ago, some enterprising person decided to fill a tube with gunpowder, put a rock or something equally solid on top, light the blue touch paper and…

stalking with a scope

Charles Smith-Jones tells you how to prepare yourself to pass your DSC1 and face the assessments with confidence

moderator rifle

Want to shoot more accurately, bag more quarry and disturb the environment less? Perhaps it's time to get a moderator, suggests Charles Smith-Jones

Charles Smith-Jones suggests a variety of ways to keep deer away from your precious planting

Charles Smith-Jones recalls some of his more memorable experiences from the various high seats he has used while stalking over the years

Charles Smith-Jones is always excited by the prospect of the first roebuck of the year. Blessed by a glorious spring morning in a Hampshire woodland, he sets off with great…