David Frost

Can I get my firearms ban lifted early?

Firearms ban: Last year I received a two-year sentence for fraud. On being released I had to sign a document saying I could not possess a firearm for five years.

Can you tell me when the first gun with a rifled barrel was made? I had always assumed it was in the late 18th century, but a friend disputes this…

I have been told by a registered firearms dealer that I should never use WD40 on my guns because it attacks the metal. Is this true or is he pulling…

At the risk of sounding totally stupid could you please explain to this newbie to shooting exactly what a general licence is? Is it something you have to apply for?

I'm treating myself to a Perazzi Sporter but can't decide whether to by an MX8 with leaf spring trigger or the MX12 with coil springs. Which springs are best?